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Ethyl alcohol or ethanol can either be produced by direct fermentation of sugarcane juice or from molasses. Ethanol can be used for alcohol industry, chemical industry and as a bio-fuel in vehicles (direct/blended with gasoline). In India, ethanol is consumed primarily by alcohol industry, Oil marketing companies (for blending with petrol) and chemical industries.

Fuel Ethanol

As fuel ethanol where it is mixed with gasoline as an oxygenate to boost octane number and in higher proportions. The most common use of Ethanol fuel is by blending it with gasoline. Doing so creates a mix that releases fewer emissions into the environment and is considered cleaner in nature.

Beverage Alcohol

As beverage alcohol where it is the principal component of alcoholic beverages like whiskey, rum, vodka.

Industrial Grade Ethanol

In industrial applications like paints, varnishes, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, industrial solvent etc.


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